Summer Camp at Ninja Lounge has everything kids want for fun & play and everything they need to learn & grow!

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Lunch & Snacks

Half day includes one snack. Full day includes two snacks. Kosher options are available upon request.

Other Activities

Art, S.T.E.M Program, Music and more…


Ninja Course, Horizontal Rock Wall (Bouldering), Trampoline Dodgeball & Basketball, Arcade, Virtual Reality and more…

Camp options

All in one camp

Our All-in-One Summer Camp Program features activities such as gymnastics, karate, dance, aerial silk, parkour, ninja training,  art and robotics. Field trips, swim classes and healthy meals are also included with team sports & activities that promote campers’ motivation and social skills.


Circus Arts Camp

Aerial Silks is a type of performance art in which students perform aerial acrobatics on a suspended fabric. Students will improve muscle strength and build confidence while learning more advanced moves and technical skills.


Martial Arts Camp

Kumite is the part of karate training in which students will spar with each other to improve technique and learn discipline. Sparring allows martial arts focused campers to develop both control and experience while developing healthy competitive behavior.


Parkour Camp

Parkour, or free running, is a physical activity in which campers learn to get from one point to another in the fastest and most efficient way, using creative movement in a complex environment. Parkour is a great workout that is not only a physical challenge, but an exciting form a self-expression.