Ninja Pumpkin Contest

Ninja Pumpkin Contest
Display your carved Ninja Pumpkin on social media, tag and hashtag
@Ninjalounge #NinjaLounge #ninjapumpkin2017–

1st prize 2 hour all attraction pass
2nd prize one free class
(on Tuesday Halloween day declare the winner)

Ninja Trick or Treat Buckets
Pumpkin  makeover idea


Halloween Pumpkin
Black spray paint (I used matte and got it for $1 at Walmart)
Skin tone acrylic paint ($0.59 at Walmart) + Paint brush
Black Sharpie
Red strip of fabric {Buy in the fabric section or cut up an old t-shirt}
Glue gun


Spray paint the outside of the pumpkin black. I used about 3-4 thin coats to make sure the paint didn’t run or get streaky.
Once the black paint dries, use the skin colored paint to paint on a rounded rectangle centered on the handle, about 3-4 inches down from the top of the pumpkin. I lightly drew it out with a pencil and then painted over it. If you aren’t comfortable freehanding it, you can cut it out of printer paper and trace it on. You will probably need 2-3 thin coats to completely cover the black.
Once the skin colored paint is dry, use a sharpie marker to draw on dots for eyes and lines for eyebrows.  We used the pumpkin line to center the eyes and make it easier to keep it even.
Cut a 1 inch strip of red fabric long enough to tie around your pumpkin. Center it on the top of the head and tie around the back. I used a few dots of hot glue to keep it from sliding off.